Audio Visual Solutions for Education

Use advances in technology to provide new and innovative ways to engage and educate students.

Technology plays a crucial role in education, making it easier for you to engage students in the learning styles that fit them best. Work with Pro AV Systems to design and engineer the right solution for any educational environment.

AV Solutions For
Interactive Learning

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best solution for display systems that fit the needs of your space, users, and content. Your Pro AV Systems team will help you consider the pros and cons of flat screens and projectors to make the right decision.


Epson BrightLink 1485Fi and BrightLink 1480Fi Offer 16:6 Display Capabilities for Ultra-Wide Images and Productivity Tools in Today’s Modern Classrooms

  • More accurate, vivid color, even in well-lit rooms
  • Breakthrough laser technology
  • Ultra short-throw, 1080p Full HD laser displays
  • New widescreen display options
  • One-step calibration of touch and interactive pens
  • Turns virtually any flat surface into an instant interactive digital whiteboard
  • Virtually maintenance-free laser light source
  • One-year subscription to the SMART Learning Suite
  • At least a 3 year overnight exchange program
  • Simply turn on the projector and start writing, with no PC required.

Interactive Panels

Promethean ActivPanel 9

Promethean’s next-generation interactive panel delivers a robust, seamless, and secure user experience, offering features that respond to the unique needs of teachers, IT administrators, and school leaders.

  • 65”, 75: or 86” panel size
  • Activ Inspire software package
  • Life time of 50,000 hours
  • Save and open files quickly and easily between the panel and your device
  • Navigate with an intuitive remote so you can move around the classroom freely
  • Works seamlessly with educational platforms like Google Classroom & Microsoft Teams
  • Connect your device directly to the panel with one cable for your audio, video, and data
  • Customize your settings and menu with your favorite apps and tools
  • Capture your screen and quickly save it to the panel, the cloud, or your device
  • Open two browsers on the panel at once for improved instruction
  • Collaborate and communicate in the classroom with Screen Share
  • Record lessons, including classroom voices and panel content
  • Share recorded lessons with remote and absent students through any platform
  • Screen share in real-time for hybrid and blended learning situations

ClearTouch 6000K+ Interactive Panel

The 6000K+ series has smart, multi-touch technology that allows for 20 points of simultaneous touch and 10 points of writing, perfect for collaborative learning in the classroom. Students will be excited and engaged during lessons on this panel.

  • 65”, 75: or 86” panel size
  • Snowflake software package
  • Life time of over 50,000 hours
  • Easily create engaging lessons, activities and games with pre-built lesson tools
  • Media versatility across video, pictures, flash games and more
  • Easily create unified lessons plans with intuitive controls that work across all devices
  • Easily integrate new devices into existing processes
  • Create an on-screen whiteboard to write notes directly on the screen
  • Mark up presentations, or lesson plans and easily save your notes
  • Experience rich, deep sound with the built-in sound bar

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