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ALKU, a leading professional services and staffing firm, recognized the need for a state-of-the-art Audio-Visual (AV) system to enhance communication, collaboration, and overall employee experience within their corporate headquarters. Initially brought on as consultants to collaborate with the architect on AV design, Pro AV Systems’ expertise and value proposition became apparent to the client. Consequently, ALKU expanded the scope, entrusting ProAV not only with the design but also with the installation of an innovative AV system that would revolutionize their workplace.

Project Overview

While deciding on the office layout, ALKU knew they wanted to implement gamification into their sales area. To them, gamification includes point scoring, competition with others, and rules of play within its workspace to engage employees. Because of this, they decided to introduce a unique “deal song” feature that allows sales managers to play a celebratory song throughout the building when a significant deal is won. In order to accomplish the wish of their client, Pro AV Systems designed a comprehensive audio system with 30+ zones for background music and paging, utilizing AVB transport. The audio system leveraged Biamp processing and amplifiers to ensure high-quality audio throughout the facility. As well as a preamble at an increased volume level to prepare employees for the “deal song,” creating a dynamic and engaging workplace environment. For ease of use, a Crestron control system with 15+ touch panels was deployed and strategically placed across the building with a central 22” touch panel in the AV headend for global AV system control. This enabled control over various aspects, including floorplans, ensuring seamless and intuitive management.

In ALKU’s lobby space, a 10’x17’ portrait-oriented DVLED wall has been installed, boasting a remarkable 1.8-pixel pitch. This cutting-edge display technology transforms the environment into a hub of interactive communication and visual engagement. With its high-resolution capabilities, the video wall serves as a focal point for delivering dynamic digital signage, showcasing vibrant content, and facilitating impactful presentations. Whether it’s welcoming guests with stunning visuals or distributing vital information with clarity and precision, this innovative addition elevates the aesthetic appeal and functionality of ALKU’s lobby, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike.

For meetings, 34 conference rooms were outfitted as Zoom Rooms using Yealink technology, including camera tracking and framing, ensuring optimal video conferencing experiences. Included beam-tracking mic arrays from Biamp for superior audio quality. Pro AV designed two training rooms with 98” dual displays, featuring dual tracking cameras for dynamic participant and presenter views. They also implemented Yealink room schedulers outside each space for room calendar visibility and ad-hoc meeting bookings. ALKU also decided to equip their boardroom with dual 98” displays, Yealink PTZ camera with auto-tracking, Biamp mic arrays with capacitive touch for muting, and ceiling speakers for clear and intelligible audio.

ALKU wanted to include some additional features not found in typical office buildings in their new headquarters, so they chose to include both a gaming area and a focus area. Pro AV Systems designed a dedicated gaming area with inputs for video game consoles and Bluetooth connectivity for audio. Another fun aspect that was integrated into the gaming area, was a full-swing golf simulator to provide employees with a unique and immersive recreational experience.


The integration of the advanced AV system at ALKU has significantly elevated the workplace experience, fostering collaboration, engagement, and employee satisfaction. The advanced features, such as gamification and centralized control, contributed to a more engaging and productive environment. The combination of cutting-edge technology, thoughtful design, and innovative features has positioned ALKU as a leader in leveraging AV solutions for both business and employee well-being. The success of the project showcased the value of Pro AV’s expertise in creating tailored and innovative AV solutions.

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