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The Gate City Casino opened its doors on October 24, 2023, in Nashua NH. Their goal was to have a casino in New Hampshire that could compete with Boston. To accomplish this, they decided to focus on customer experience, innovation, and ease of use.

Project Overview

Gate City Casino invested heavily in improving the overall customer experience and creating a welcoming and immersive atmosphere. They installed over 50 displays strategically positioned to create an immersive environment for patrons to enjoy sports and events. The high-quality displays, coupled with the IP-based video distribution system, ensured that guests could enjoy seamless and crystal-clear visuals, enhancing the overall entertainment experience.

Gate City Casino also adopted an innovative IP-based video distribution system from AVPRO edge built on the latest MXNET platform to streamline video routing over the network. This technology facilitated efficient content distribution to all their displays, strategically placed across the casino. This scalable and flexible solution not only ensured high-quality video delivery but also simplified the management of multiple video sources seamlessly.

The audio system was designed with 12+ zones, which created a rich and immersive auditory experience. Whether in the gaming area, lounges, or restaurants, patrons could enjoy high-quality audio tailored to specific zones, enhancing the overall ambiance, and contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

The integration of a Crestron CP4N control system, complemented by wireless iPad control, empowered personnel to navigate the AV landscape with unprecedented freedom. Staff members could move freely throughout the casino, adjusting sources, changing channels, and managing volume levels from the convenience of their iPads. This not only enhanced operational efficiency but also contributed to a dynamic and responsive customer experience.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication, Gate City Casino incorporated SpinetiX HMP400 Digital Signage for customer engagement. The dynamic digital signage solution was utilized to convey real-time information, promotions, and event updates. This not only captivated the audience but also provided a versatile platform for the casino to promote its offerings in an engaging and visually appealing manner.


The addition of an advanced AV system at Gate City Casino has redefined the standards of entertainment in the casino industry. The combination of an IP-based video distribution system, Crestron control system, numerous displays, SpinetiX Digital Signage, and distributed audio has not only elevated the overall customer experience but also streamlined operational efficiency. Gate City Casino’s commitment to adopting and integrating cutting-edge AV technologies underscores its dedication to providing a world-class entertainment destination for its patrons. This case study serves as an exemplary model for businesses seeking to leverage AV solutions to create immersive and engaging environments in competitive markets.

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