Sharon High School

Our Client

The MSBA announced a bid project within the Sharon Public Schools District for construction work on the high school. The bid team successfully won and secured the construction job through Wayne J. Griffin on the electrical side. Pro AV was contacted by Sharon High School to evaluate its front-of-classroom technology and to test out interactive projectors and flat panels. The school itself had planned an array of innovative technology-based spaces that the Pro AV team was excited to work on.

Project Overview

The high school project entailed a complete installation of tech throughout the school, including the auditorium, black box theater, TV studio, 84 classrooms, and 36 specialty rooms. The installation needed to be completed on time and within the budget, which meant a very small margin of error for the construction team.

Product shortages and equipment delays did make the outcome challenging, but the Pro AV team worked hard to fulfill the contract as promised. The goal was to have all classrooms ready for opening day and the theater room fully operational in time for production day in November.

Our Solution

The school auditorium included world-class sound, microphone, and sound mixing for theater productions and a state-of-the-art retractable video wall that had never been previously constructed by Pro AV. Over 20 digital signage displays run by Samsung Magic Info web-based platforms needed to be installed throughout the building. Each of the classrooms would have interactive projectors and lightspeed sound reinforcement systems.

A number of special education rooms, smaller classrooms, and conference spaces also received Cleartouch interactive flat panels. Pro AV worked hard to deliver the project on time and with the quality expected. Even when there were hiccups, such as the projectors not being delivered on time from suppliers, the Pro AV team took it upon themselves to install 84 temporary projectors so that each classroom was well-equipped from day one. The team later returned to reinstall the correct projectors once delivered at no charge to the client.

Pro AV completed the project on time and to the delight and satisfaction of the town building committee with the help of Consigli Construction, Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Edvance Technology Group, and many manufacturers. The Sharon High School project was an exciting undertaking and now looks amazing with its variety of cutting-edge and unique technology throughout. To find out how your project can benefit from such innovations, contact Pro AV today for a free quote, or consultation.

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