Worcester State University

Project Overview

Students studying film and visual arts at Worcester State University are able to dive deep into the artistic nuances of video production, thanks to the addition of Digital Projection’s new TITAN 4K Satellite Modular Laser System (MLS) in their main lecture hall.

The stadium-style classroom underwent a major cosmetic and technological overhaul. Where there once was a small, outdated display on which to present course material now exists an immersive projection screen spanning 24.8 feet wide. Screen size certainly mattered in this renovation but just as important was the quality of the projected image. There were several requirements:  exceptional color accuracy, uniformity across the entire surface, high resolution, and high brightness. A 3-chip RGB laser projector was the best candidate for the job. There was just one problem—the closet built for the projector lacked the necessary space to comfortably accommodate a regular-size 3-chip projector.

WSU had hired the AV consultants at Cavanaugh Tocci Associates to manage the project; they contacted Digital Projection for their advice. Coincidentally, Digital Projection had just released its Satellite Modular Laser System (MLS) line of projectors. Purpose-built to fit into cramped quarters and deliver the bright, crisp imagery characteristic of 3-chip laser projectors, Satellite MLS was perfectly suited for this challenging space-constrained project.

Our Solution

Based on other environmental and viewing conditions, our team selected the TITAN 4K S-MLS—which for this project was designed and installed to output 20,000 lumens. This would maintain a bright, sharp image whenever the classroom lights were on. With on-site guidance from Digital Projection’s Field Application Engineer, we had the system properly installed, configured, calibrated, certified, and up and running in no time.

“One of the biggest advantages of being a Digital Projection dealer is the unmatched level of service and support we receive. On this job and others, they take very good care of us and make sure everything goes right,” says Pro AV Systems Adrienne Blasioli. “They do most of the heavy lifting so we can focus on the integration aspects of a job.”

By partnering with Pro AV Systems on your next audio-visual project, you can rest assured that the expertise you need to discover the AV solutions you are looking for is always there.

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