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The Boston Arts Academy (BAA) is the only public high school for visual and performing arts in the City of Boston. The BAA approached Pro AV Systems to discuss solutions for installing audiovisual equipment throughout its new school.

Founded in 1998, BAA is a diverse community of artists, scholars, and citizens. This academy is an arts-based, college-preparatory organization with a competitive arts curriculum. It has transformed the lives and prospects of more than 1,500 city youth. The BAA’s curriculum of artistic and academic innovation prepares aspiring artist scholars to be successful in college or professional careers.

Project Overview

The challenge for the academy and our team was to build a brand-new, $125 million public schooling facility to serve Boston’s community. As the audiovisual contractor, our role was to give the students a state-of-the-art space. This facility needed to reflect the diversity of students and Boston’s neighborhoods.

When powered with the latest and best in AV technology, the academy could fulfill its mission to uplift diverse voices. At the same time, the academy needed to keep costs manageable to ensure good stewardship of community resources.

Pro AV Systems started working on BAA’s new building around 2020. Partnering with general contractor Lee Kennedy and electrical contractor Wayne J. Griffin, we sought to install the audiovisual equipment throughout the new school. With the help of businesses Fulcrum Acoustics, Epson, Shure, Crestron Wayne J Griffin, Lee Kennedy, and other associate trades businesses, we coordinated work to get the project done and with the needed results.

Our Solution

A roadblock we faced with the Boston Arts Academy project was its new location. Situated directly across from Fenway Park, the location limited how and when we could bring in equipment. We experienced global supply chain shortages on this project, making it difficult to get products in a timely manner and to install them correctly. Architectural elements in the ceilings and spaces at BAA caused challenges in mounting certain equipment safely while also being hidden from view. Overcoming these challenges required teamwork, an appreciation of the academy’s mission, and the support of the Boston community.

The result of our dedicated work was the City of Boston having its only public performing arts school. Equipped with Yamaha mixing consoles, flown speaker system by Fulcrum Acoustics, and Crestron video switching, the performance capabilities meet the needs of the academy’s artistic community. Epson laser projectors, Shure microphones, Dante audio, and a large Biamp audio server further enhance students’ learning experience. We are proud to have been part of an initiative resulting in a state-of-the-art auditorium, black box theater, gym, five music classrooms, four dance rooms, two acting rooms, band and recital rooms, and a recording studio.

Our Approach

Our Pro AV Systems team will work with you for all of your requirements. Our mission is to help you design and engineer a system to match your facility’s specifications. Our professionals will use their years of experience to engineer the best AV system for you. We also work with educational classrooms, corporate environments, medical buildings, government facilities, and more. By partnering with Pro AV Systems on your next audio-visual project, you can rest assured that the expertise you need to discover the AV solutions you are looking for is always there.

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