Town of Chelmsford Hockey Rink

Our Client

The Town of Chelmsford owns a hockey rink that is used for various events, including state hockey playoffs. They wanted to upgrade the speakers because the existing system was insufficient for boisterous events.

Project Overview

The goal of the project was for Pro AV to create clear and intelligible audio in all seats and to zone the system so the stands remained quiet, but skaters on the ice could still hear music playing. The space, which included painted concrete surfaces, stands on both sides, an open snack area, and a student section, was tricky to handle from an audio perspective. We wanted to achieve a loud, concert style sound without causing too much audio reflection and making the music or announcer unintelligible.

Our Solution

Pro AV Systems added 19 Bose DM8S full range loudspeakers around the entire perimeter of the building. This brought great sound quality to listeners but kept the reflection down. Over the ice and student section we put in three Bose AMM112 speakers to provide powerful and dynamic audio. For exceptional low-end in the student section, we mounted a Bose MB210-WR subwoofer. After these updates, both skaters and spectators can enjoy premium sound no matter where they are in the rink.

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