Digital Signage Trends in 2022

Adaptation has become key in our current environment and it’s no different for digital signage. Changing pandemic health precautions along with fluctuations in the supply chain and workforce have modified the usage of this technology providing more ways to interact with the public. Now that 2022 is here, what trends can we expect to see in digital signage in the coming year?


People crave new ways to be entertained and digital signage is a fantastic source of amusement especially with the use of sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to draw patrons in. Over the last two years, many stayed home whether due to lockdowns or concerns over personal safety and now as even the most cautious are beginning to emerge from their pandemic caves, people are eager for engagement and new ways to interact that require less face-to-face contact. As a result, digital signage will continue to utilize the ability to push content to personal devices via apps and also by utilizing QR codes to allow people to quickly scan and access content. This can allow people to locate and order inventory online or check stock levels to see if they are available or to alert them to when items are expected to be back on the store shelves.

Even More Drive Thru Digital Menu Upgrades

Drive thrus and curbside pick-up usage have been boosted over the course of the pandemic and Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) have responded with digital menu boards that can be updated quickly and provide menu and order info onscreen to speed up service. This trend will continue and you will likely see advancements in AI usage to identify and assist in faster service. For example, a downloaded app may allow the restaurant to identify a previous order and make recommendations onscreen at the drive thru when you pull up.

Less Face-to-Face

You may experience wayfinding via digital signage or be welcomed onscreen by remote office staff. Stores may offer less stock on shelves in-lieu of ordering online via digital signage kiosks. Store spaces may be reimagined to make way for less in-store staff as digital signage replaces certain tasks such as check outs or inventory checks. Self-service made possible by digital signage will most likely be a strong trend in the coming year as consumer habits continue to change and a dwindling workforce. Even the classroom may offer remote teachers displayed onscreen due to illness or teacher shortages.

Virtual Reality (VR)

New advancements in VR have allowed companies to develop VR Suites that offer an immersive experience without the goggles. With this newfound VR freedom, it would not be surprising to see VR integrate with digital signage in 2022 to provide more realistic and certainly more sensational interactions. This could be utilized in entertainment facilities as has already been seen in TopGolf’s “Swing Suite,” which offers patrons a VR golfing experience, but could also be used to allow consumers to experience a product or service such as to walk through a house without being at the physical location or in advance of it being constructed.

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