Getting an A/V Quote: What You Need to Know

Pro AV is New England’s leading audio visual integrator with services including sales, design, engineering, installation, and service. From one-room installations to full building renovations, Pro AV Systems recognizes that each project is unique. We’re passionate about our craft, driven by becoming your partner and supporter, and inspired by your ideas and how we can bring them to fruition.

What Information Should You Have for AV Quotes?

When starting the process of adding or upgrading an AV system, here are some questions you should have thought of prior to speaking with your sales representative. The first question is where are you looking to install the system? Are we starting from scratch or adding onto an existing system? What is your budget?  Do you have any space or functionality requirements? Does your building have any historical regulations that need to be followed? These are all important questions to help us understand how to best help you.

Audiovisual Equipment and Location

Location matters when you want audiovisual equipment installed. The equipment should fit in seamlessly with your environment. This is especially true for historical sites where a balance is necessary between innovative equipment and the heritage of the environment. Whether you are looking to preserve the historical aspects or highlight the architecture, Pro AV has the design experience to lead you in the best direction to implement your vision.

Building Standards

When starting a project, an important aspect to keep in mind is building codes. For example, the federal government, states, counties, and municipalities all have different regulations for restoration that need to be followed. These regulations preserve historical design and architectural elements. Updating audiovisual equipment in older buildings requires careful planning and creative thinking. Other requirements are for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. These issues are important to keep in mind when an audio visual professional is designing the space.

The AV System

Along with the location, the next thing to keep in mind is what type of products you are looking for. Are you replacing any older products? If yes, did you like their functionality? Pro AV works with all the major brands, so if you are loyal to any, we can help acquire them. Knowing what is already installed and what you like about that specific product better helps your sales representative understand your needs and suggest the best replacements.


When reaching out for a quote it is always a good idea to have your budget in mind and mentioning it to your sales representative helps determine the products quoted for you. How much the equipment will cost, and your deadline set the framework for your budget. We at Pro AV partner with all the major vendors to ensure a wide variety of equipment at different price points. We strive to offer you the best products to meet all your needs, including budget.  


People have differing perspectives on what is necessary for audio visual systems. Reaching a consensus about a time frame, budget, design, and layout is critical for having an effective AV system. Knowing who the decision makers are and who is managing the project helps to reduce confusion, changes, and cost. Audio visual businesses need consistency to deliver equipment and services within a timeline. A unified vision of your audio visual system keeps your timeframe and budget on track.


When working on projects there should be a designated person, or group, to liaison with the audio visual professionals you hire. When there is a go to contact the entire process becomes easier. All questions and scheduling go through one person which streamlines and prevents issues. Likewise, you should have one contact within the audio visual company you choose. Here are Pro AV every new job is assigned a project manager. They are there to answer all your questions, schedule installation, training, and make sure you are happy with the end results.

When You Use the Equipment

How often you plan to use your audio visual system can help determine what type of products you are quoted. The audio visual equipment used on a daily basis will have different capabilities and programming than equipment you only plan to use for special events. An audio visual professional can help you customize the equipment based on your needs and what would work best in the space.

System Requirements

Buildings have varying communication functions. A legislative building, for example, will have unique functionality dissimilar to the audio visual needs of a school or music venue. Assessing the function of your space is critical to knowing what equipment is to be installed.


When requesting and reviewing quotes, another thing to keep in mind is future upgrades. Technology eventually becomes obsolete with new advancements being released, therefore, your business 10 years from now should also be considered. What is most important to you? Is it the aesthetic of the equipment? Functionality? Longevity? Whatever is the cheapest? We at Pro AV have designed for all spaces and needs and we can find you products that will match your needs. Mentioning these things up front to your sales representative helps them and our engineers design you the best space.

What to Prepare for Quotes

As professionals, our team members have years of experience with audio visual design, installation, and meeting deadlines. Some things to consider prior to the quoting process are your building’s design and functionality. We work with clients to understand the goals for their spaces, such as the environment functions and capabilities. We will also ask who will be using the space to understand their technical skill level. This will help us recommend the best product as well as quote the appropriate training time at the end of the job. Other factors are your time frame and budget. The time frame is critical because our business endeavors to meet your deadlines, but we want to give you an honest assessment of when we can deliver. We are still experiencing shipping delays and if time frame is your biggest concern, we can recommend other manufacturers that have less of a lead time. Budget, including state contracts, helps us determine the equipment and installation services we can provide.

PRO AV Quote Delivery

Our quotes are accessible through email or by mail. If you would like Pro AV to design the space, a sales representative and an engineer are available for assessment walk-throughs, video chats, or phone calls. For our quotes, we list out every item. Some equipment may seem unfamiliar, and we will gladly answer your questions and explain its functionality. On top of our skilled technicians, we have the capability to take on prevailing wage jobs, or the use of a local partner for union labor requirements.

As a local company, Pro AV provides products and specialized services at an affordable price. Our professionals strive to meet your system requirements. Our detailed assessment will match equipment and functionality to your unique situation. Contact us today at Pro AV for more information.

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