Zoom Announces Updates to Zoom Meeting, Zoom Phone and Zoom Chat

Zoom has become a household name for obvious reasons and now that millions of people are utilizing this service daily, it seems to be here to stay. The convenience and ease of use combined with remote and hybrid work models make it a necessity these days. Zoom continues to deliver new features to maintain its lead in the virtual meeting world and with the continued attention to detail that have kept them ahead of the game for the last year, users continue to be impressed. Here are some of the latest new functionalities added to the list:

Survey capabilities

Already available in Zoom’s Video Webinar solution, post meeting surveys will now be available in Zoom meetings. A quick way to gather valuable feedback from attendees, the surveys offer multi-choice, single choice, and long-form options.


In this day and age, expressing oneself with an emoji is embroiled in everyday communication. In-meeting Zoom chat now offers emojis to allow users to quickly express themselves without interrupting the current speaker. Additionally, the popular coffee mug reaction has been brought back–typically used to show someone has stepped away for a minute.

Team SMS for auto receptionist

Available via Zoom Phone to assist with handling call volume, callers can now interact with the auto receptionist using SMS or MMS (multimedia messaging service). This functionality will provide answers to common questions or locate a party they are trying to contact, all via text-based responses, thereby freeing receptionists, and customer service agents to handle other calls.

Team SMS for call queues

Another Zoom Phone feature, this allows a team of users to monitor and respond to customers via text messages. When a customer sends an SMS text, all team members will receive, and any can also respond.

Video recording compliance for financial services

Per industry regulations, financial services users are held to strict voice recording compliance requirements. To meet these requirements Zoom’s update includes defining a secondary storage location for user recordings and policies that enable administrators to disable or block end-user call forwarding. The update also allows admins to control the policies that help them remain compliant.

Consolidated search capabilities

Enhancements to the Zoom Chat search function now make it much easier to stay organized and find what you’re looking for. The new unified search provides a much easier and faster way to search across contacts, chats, channels, files, and more.

Video playback

Another enhancement to Zoom Chat is added support for video playback, which streamlines the process of sharing information. Within Zoom Chat, users no longer have to download a file or open a window to view a video.

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