Top 5 Digital Signage and Video Wall Uses for Government

The advent of digital signage and video walls has forever changed the way we disseminate information. Large, bright displays that can be updated to provide the latest information are attention grabbing and extremely effective in providing numerous services. Government has found many uses for this technology that assist in better serving their communities and keeping constituents informed.

Emergency Alerts

Digital signage can assist in getting the word out quickly regarding a potential weather threat or a safety issue. With technology that allows displays to fully function even in extreme weather conditions, digital signage and video walls can be located virtually anywhere, which is incredibly useful in a crowded city. Additionally, with high brightness displays now readily available, no matter how bright the sun may be that day, outdoor signage can still be clearly viewed by passersby. Signage can be located in high traffic areas, whether that be a park, city sidewalk or a train station. Alerts can be quickly and easily designed and scheduled via content management systems to be highly visible so that people take notice.

Control Rooms

Surveillance and management of government run services such as police, military, or transportation often utilize control rooms to provide a central location where constant monitoring can occur. Video walls in control rooms assist employees in obtaining large amounts of information quickly and all in one place. Large, bright and high-resolution displays can provide detailed data and surveillance video in an easy to view format so that anyone in the control room can easily get a grasp of what’s happening at any given moment so they can make critical decisions more effectively.


Whether inside a courthouse or in a large park, digital signage can assist patrons in finding their way to their destination. Digital signage can provide maps and directions that can guide patrons without needing to wait in line to ask a receptionist. This can improve a patron’s overall experience and cut down on the number of employees needed to disseminate information.

Mass Transit

Scheduling and alerts about delays or cancellations can be easily displayed on digital signage in subway or rail stations. Additionally, pricing, maps and other pertinent information can be distributed on bright screens located at key locations.


Digital signage or video walls can display information in various languages to provide people who may not speak the local language with translated versions of information. They can get answers and directions with less difficulty than may have otherwise been possible.

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