Pro AV’s Approach to Audio Visual Conferencing Solutions

The world of audio-visual technology has advanced greatly over the years and is becoming more and more common within a variety of settings in our daily lives. Both businesses and educational establishments use AV to train, teach, and better communicate with their staff or students. Studies suggest that 65% of people are visual learners, while 30% grasp more through audio. Combining the two and providing state-of-the-art technology can have a major impact on the training and teaching you are trying to accomplish.

Pro AV is a leading audio-visual integrator with over 100 years of combined experience to design, engineer, and install top-of-the-line technology for your conference room, stadium, theater, classroom, or whatever other space you have that needs support. Pro AV works with your team to design an AV system tailored to your requirements and then expertly installs everything you need. Learn what Pro AV’s approach is to the various stages of AV solutions below.

Pro AV’s Approach to AV Design

The first step in designing an installation is for our team to test all products in-house before offering them to any of our clients. Our company strives to only supply the best breed of products and will always ensure they are fully functioning and top quality before installation.

The next step is to sit down with each of our clients to discuss their needs, hopes, and goals to narrow down specific requirements. Excellent user experience is a top priority, so every design is tailored to meet the needs of each client.

The final step in the design process is for the Pro AV team to source all the right products to match your project needs. The engineers will find the technology that best suits your requirements and will work to achieve each of your goals.

Pro AV’s Approach to AV Installation

Once each product has been thoroughly tested and vetted by the engineers, it is brought to the location and installed to the exact manufacturer’s specifications. Each installation is done by industry-certified technicians that take pride in not only the products they supply but in the work they do. The technicians will pull their own cables, terminate wires, and install all their own physical hardware. The field commissioned teams are second to none in their programming skills and ability to fine-tune an AV system and its intricacies to work its best for the end user.

Obstacles to Designing and Installing AV

Despite all the discussions and planning that may go into setting up a new AV system, often times there can be some challenges that arise. The Pro AV team does everything we can to work with our clients to ensure we don’t run into challenges. In designing a system, some potential obstacles that arise could include:

  • Overdesigning a system: This means that a system could be proposed that goes beyond what the client needs and is perhaps more complicated than necessary.
  • Underdesigning a system: This refers to not providing enough products or options to meet all the needs of the client.
  • Missing client needs: A system could be designed, but one or more of the client’s needs are not included, and therefore, the client’s goals are not successfully met.

When installing a system, potential obstacles include:

  • Obstructions in or on walls: If there are items in the way of where wires or devices need to be installed, there could be a delay.
  • Input boxes placed incorrectly: If the boxes required for input were built in the wrong places, they would need to be moved before installation can proceed.
  • Walls not ready for cable placement: The AV team relies on other crews to have their jobs complete before team members can begin working, so delays could occur if the building is not properly prepped in time.

Pro AV works hard to eliminate these obstacles or missteps and meet the desires of each of its clients. This requires working with other departments and contractors to come up with a timeline that matches each of their respective jobs. If delays do occur, the technicians strive to achieve your goals by making the necessary adjustments while not sacrificing the quality of work.

How Does Pro AV Compare to the Competition?

Many other AV companies often sub out the labor involved in both installing and caring for the products they provide. This means the accountability for installation and perhaps necessary repairs are left to an unknown source in the eyes of the client. Installation could be based solely on what instructions the manufacturer supplies instead of a company’s own experienced knowledge or product testing.

Pro AV prides itself on putting clients’ interests first. AV packages are not cookie-cutter solutions that require a client to pay for unnecessary services but instead are carefully designed with each client in mind. Your goals, desires, and specific requirements are factored into each product or service offered. Every product is inspected, tested, and installed personally by our Pro AV team of engineers and technicians.

Pro AV can provide you with innovative design ideas to create an audio-visual system that meets all your needs, hopes, and goals. Contact our team today for a free quote or call to arrange a consultation.

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