How To Get The Best AV Setup for Your Small Business

Audio-visual (AV) systems are becoming an increasingly important facet of the modern business landscape; the worldwide AV market size is projected to grow about 23.7 between 2018 and 2023. Clearly, many decision makers see the value in investing in an effective solution.

But this leads to a potentially challenging question: How do you figure out the best AV setup for your small business? Here are some tips to help you get started.

Evaluate Your Needs

As with all investments, your audio-visual setup should be based on what you need to improve operations, but it’s also important to consider both current and future requirements. Here are some questions you can ask to streamline the process of figuring out the best AV setup for your small business:

  • How many people will the solution be serving?
  • Where are the people located? Are they on-premises, at home, in coworking spaces, at coffee shops, or on the road?
  • What kinds of spaces do you need AV for? Huddle spaces? New construction? Large auditoriums? Physical or mental health care facilities? Government or public sector applications?
  • Do you need a completely new system, or could you get by with an upgrade?

Consider Scaling Your AV Gradually

If you have relatively simple layouts, you may be able to determine your needs over the next several years, but this is generally rare. In many cases, it’s best to start small and then scale up as your business changes or as you get more flexibility in your budget. Having a system that can grow with your business can make expanding your operations far easier when the time comes.

For instance, suppose there’s not enough room in your current budget to invest in a dedicated Microsoft Teams room equipped with a central sound system, video screens, a camera, and a control console. Instead, you may want to opt for a more basic setup based on a BYOD policy. Then, in the future, when there’s headroom in the budget, you can upgrade to a full Teams room.

Survey Your Employees

Your employees are often the most reliable source of intel. After all, they are the ones your audio-visual system will empower, particularly as they use it to enhance communication and collaboration and produce better results. It may be helpful to get some of the following information from your employees before committing to a solution:

  • The biggest snags they hit on a daily or weekly basis because they lack an adequate audio video system.
  • The kinds of acoustic challenges that impact their current experience, particularly if you’re considering an AV installation for large meeting spaces or cafeterias.
  • Specific elements of their jobs that may be easier if they have a new audio-visual system, such as connecting with remote employees or staying in touch while traveling.
  • Info about previous experiences with AV systems—both positive and negative. For instance, they may have fallen in love with certain features or specs at a previous job, and you can use this data to choose the best solution for your setup.

Choose a Company with Experience in Your Industry

By partnering with a company with expertise in your industry, you get the kind of problem-solving experience you need to address any tricky challenges that may pop up. The audio-visual needs of a small conference room will be significantly different than those of a much larger one. However, if you have a company with the right kind of experience, it can easily handle what would otherwise be time-consuming challenges.

For instance, the positioning of your speakers and how your sound source is EQ’d in a conference room with an exterior wall bordering the street may depend on the ambient noise produced by a room full of people, cars driving by outside, a nearby train, or other factors. In addition, the placement of screens may be impacted by the angle at which the sun shines into the room at certain times of day and where people tend to sit.

In addition, if you’re incorporating a video system in your on-site marketing strategy, you need a company with experience positioning screens so that they’re visible to your target audience when people are in certain locations in your space. For example, you may have a waiting room or lobby, and you’d like to use some of its wall space for videos about your products or services. A company with experience in your sector can navigate these challenges with ease.

With Pro AV Systems, you get qualified, passionate professionals dedicated to providing a solution that supports your objectives. You can start small and build up, as well as sit down with a representative to formulate a plan for the future. Plan your next AV project the right way with Pro AV Systems.

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