Back-to-School AV Trends for K-12 Schools

While there were online schools long before the pandemic, per the U.S. Census Bureau, over 90% of households with children claim to have engaged in remote education during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, pandemic restrictions are not the only reason many schools are looking for audio-visual (AV) solutions. AV solutions also facilitate the following:

  • Outside participants
  • Global connectivity for outreach or collaboration
  • In-class sharing and teamwork
  • Visual learning

Pro AV is a leading provider of AV solutions that can help K-12 schools leverage any and all of these benefits.

Recent AV Trends for Schools

While for many, the pandemic seems to be over and schools are back to having in-person classes, students have been trained in connecting and learning remotely, so AV solutions can still be used to reduce or eliminate absences or downtime. Additionally, AV technologies are being installed in classrooms, auditoriums, and other large spaces, and the use of video walls specifically is on the rise. E-sports, as well as online gaming and competitions, require streaming services, fast internet connections, and AV hardware, and schools shouldn’t fall behind.

What AV Solutions Have Helped Schools?

A lot of schools are choosing to use AV solutions to enhance how students and faculty interact and work together.

For example, some schools are allocating renovation funds to pay for AV systems that provide both those in the school and those in the surrounding community with audio/visual resources. In this way, the school can be elevated to the most technologically advanced resource in the area.

Similarly, other schools have been using AV to reimagine how people interact and engage with each other. For instance, schools are using an AV implementation to connect the dining and common areas, places where students tend to frequent, with a single, seamless solution.

How Is Technology Changing?

While interactive flat panel screens and projectors remain popular tools, video conferencing apps have given rise to interactive tools in online rooms. Remote connections are saving time and money for many educational institutions. Some of the trends noted by Pro AV are as follows:

  • Video displays. While older displays were functional, providing touch screen and annotation capabilities in the classroom is the next step. Many are turning to high-performance displays that have their own CPU, basically a large, all-in-one computer of sorts. These cost more but are more interactive and adaptable.
  • Audio systems. Microphones and speakers are becoming more advanced, with noise-filtering capabilities, directional inputs and outputs, and other advanced technologies. Auto-focusing cameras with built-in directional microphones are the norm for video conferencing.
  • Event venues. Modern event venues, such as school auditoriums, require more sophisticated AV systems and other technologies to supply the demand for a more visual, interactive, and innovative learning experience and entertainment value.

How Pro AV Can Help Schools

The expert team at Pro AV has the experience and professional partnerships to provide K-12 schools with AV solutions that meet a variety of modern scenarios. Whether installing hardware, leveraging software, creating more interactive learning spaces, or promoting global outreach and collaboration, Pro AV has the solutions for your needs. Contact Pro AV today for a free quote, or call to arrange for a consultation.

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