Auditorium AV Equipment Essentials

Assemblies, lectures, debates, concerts, plays, musicals… the AV equipment used for successful auditorium performances must be adaptable and versatile. The shape of the space, wall coverings, and ceiling pitch, among other factors, influence sound and create areas of varying acoustic intensity far more diverse than the average conference room.

Not only is unique equipment required for such events, the necessity to record and live-stream events, or host remote-presenters for a pandemic-era audience also means this equipment is pulling double-duty. Having the right equipment installed strategically and managed properly is essential to a successful hybrid event.

In this post we’ll share the essential equipment you should consider for your auditorium space to give your entire audience an amazing experience from the first to last row.

Wireless Microphones & Antennas

Wireless microphones offer flexibility and dynamic performances, allowing your entertainers to speak from wherever they like. However, those wireless audio signals can easily get lost without enough antennas, placed wisely throughout the space, to receive them.

Input Plates

Just like antennas, having enough input plates installed strategically throughout your venue is important, especially for plays and musicals. Having freedom to place microphones and instruments around your auditorium creates exciting and immersive experiences for your guests.

Control Panels

Because auditoriums host such a variety of event types, control panels are essential to mixing audio input types like microphones and instruments, so that the sounds are not duplicated or overpower each other. Pro AV not only offers robust control panels for skilled operators, but also offers automated mixing and easy instruction for users with limited knowledge.

Multi-Box Line Arrays

Multi-box line arrays keep the acoustic energy where you want it by focusing sound at different vertical angles. Lower boxes project softer audio your front row seats, while the upper boxes reach the back row using higher pressure sound, so all your guests have the same great audio experience.


Subwoofers deliver lower frequencies and are especially essential to preserve the fidelity of music productions. Subwoofers allow your audience to “feel” the performance, and generally create more authentic sounds and vibrant experiences.

Choosing the proper AV equipment is crucial for successful auditorium performances. Contact us today to discuss your auditorium audio visual needs!

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